Keep the Outsourcing Wolves Away: How Leading In-Plants Continue to Thrive #R26

Friday, October 4 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Location: S402ab

Event Information

Title: Keep the Outsourcing Wolves Away: How Leading In-Plants Continue to Thrive


To survive and thrive leading in-plant service providers think outside the box. To battle the threats from outsourcers and facilities management companies, in-plants offer a wide variety of products and services to increase their value. Despite the common misconceptions that: the in-plant is not strategically aligned, the staff lacks competency, and the in-plant does not provide enough value; leading in-plants have proven they can compete, align with the mission, provide value and remain cost competitive.  In this seminar we will discuss strategies and tactics used by leading in-plants.

Type: Regular Session

What You Will Learn:

  • How leader in-plants measure productivity, overcome bottlenecks and reduce costs
  • Case histories of in-plants that save money
  • Successful and unsuccessful competitive pricing studies
  • The latest market research including market size, trends and services
  • How to benchmark and report performance
  • Case histories of successful insourcing strategies
  • Listening to your customers and identifying new products and services
  • How to prioritize software investments. What should be on the top of your list
  • How to overcome the typical hurdles of software automation
  • The pros and cons of latest hardware options
  • Full disclosure of the outsourcing literature, issues and failures
  • How to creating a "Battle Book" 

Cost: Registration Required

Who Should Attend